Friday, November 5, 2010

It Is not my cat


Elected officials in Toledo have made some wise and meaningful decisions for the dogs of our community.

First, the Lucas County Commissioners have hired a Chief Dog Warden who is not only committed to public safety but also to responsible care for the dogs in her custody. Julie Lyle quickly implemented policies that have been standard in many communities across Ohio but were ignored in Lucas County. In just six months, the euthanasia rate has been reduced to about 45% compared to 70% under the previous warden. She is working with Planned Pethood and other rescues to place adoptable dogs and lower the rate even more. A volunteer program is underway which is intended to augment, not replace, the work that goes on at the pound. If the need arises to call the dog warden, feel comfortable in doing so – times have changed.

Secondly, Toledo City Council recently passed a new dog ordinance that holds owners responsible for the behavior of their dogs. I'd say it's about time! Just impounding a biting dog and killing it does nothing to educate the owner. Further, dogs are to be judged by their behavior, not their breed. Planned Pethood's board recently revised our policy on pitbull types – the new policy is that provided we have the fosters available, we will accept puppies of ANY BREED at the age of 12 weeks or less.

What's up for the future?

It seems to me that a dog park – at least one! - is needed and on the horizon possibly at the site of the South Toledo YMCA. Let your voice be heard.

Cats, cats, cats are everywhere and while my Mother might have said it about mice, it's true of cats, “IF there's one, there's another one and then there's more”. TNR(trap, neuter, return) has been practiced by PPI volunteers for a number of years currently in conjunction with Humane Ohio, a non-profit spay/neuter clinic. We have led the way in this endeavor and urge you the reader to participate. It's easy to say it's not my cat but the reality is that soon the statement will be THEY are not my cats. We have grants and bequests to assist the public and it's really is very easy to trap cats. When you see a cat with the tip of its left ear gone, it probably has been fixed. If it's around your house, those mice my Mother talked about will be gone and all you need to to is feed the mouser. Then send us a donation to perpetuate the activity.

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