Monday, March 28, 2011

Sequoia update- Monday 3.21.11

Sequoia, aka Pat, makes us smile. He was bouncing around the kitchen today giving his foster mom the play "break down". He likes to be pet by the 3 yr old and likes to sit by her chair hopping she will drop some food. Today he had a giant smile when his foster mom came home and gave her a slurp. Today he also played chase with his foster mom. He is full of joy and is a great dog.

Sally Wehner came to take pictures of Sequoia today. He barked at her and let us know he was " on alert". But he quieted down shortly thereafter. He then trotted outside for his photo shoot and posed nicely. Looking forward to seeing those!

In two days, according to the vet, his swelling and scar tissue will be at it's largest. After Wednesday it should start to go down. If the mass stays the same size or gets larger, we will have a good idea if it's scar tissue or the tumor returning.

Please send your good vibes to Sequoia for a healthy recovery.

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