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eNewsletter June 28, 2011


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Sweat Shirts Available

Hooded sweatshirts that read
"It's All About The Cat" are available in almost all sizes. Get yours while they last.

Made by Gildan in the Ultra Blend. This hoodie will have no zipper. Available in dark grey to read "It's All About the Dog" or "It's All About the Cat" with our website address below.

Only a few sizes remain in the "It's All About The Dog". If you are interested in pre-ordering one, email A list will be compiled and a subsequent order placed.


Save Your Books - Come Shop for Books

We will be hosting a book sale September 17 & 18. Please save your books for this sale.

You can also come shop at our sale. We will be at the 577 Foundation the entire Third quarter: July, August and September.

Thanks to Karen Ash, Kelli Manrow, Sarah Rodgers, Bob Oates, Kim Kearns, Paula Baker and Missy Dell for helping at the Book Center.

Looking For A Designer

Planned Pethood would like to try a new fundraiser of making and selling handmade dog beds and cat perches. We need someone to design them. Ideally, they would determine how much wood would be needed, what kind of wood, finishing materials, what kind and the quantity of hardware needed, etc. From there Carpenter Apprentices would create the beds and perches from the design.

If you think you can help, email

Can you help haul books?

We need someone to haul books from our storage unit in Maumee to the 577 Foundation in Perrysburg on September 16. It is enough to fill a pick up truck bed. It will not all fit in an SUV with folded down seats.

Contact if you can help!

Thank You

We want to thank everyone who signed and showed up to help at the Harley Davidson concerts. It was a lot of work, but well worth the time. We made quite a bit of money and impressed a large group of people. THANK YOU!

Thank you for those who baked, toted tables, soda, tents, shirts and crafts to sell at the Old West End Festival. Thank you for those who donated their time to help set up and take down. Thank you to Mona Guinaugh for handling all the details of the event. We made over $300.

Thank you to the people who are faithfully transporting animals to adoption events. Derby got adopted Saturday by a couple who saw him at an event at West park Place Assisted Living Facility. They were there visiting her mother and saw him and had to have him because he looked like their other two dogs. They told the foster that one of their dogs died in December and they were thinking they would get a third dog in 5 years or so...until they saw Derby. They were one of those homes where they can pick any dog they want and we would be happy to let them have it. And because Galla was transported to the event on Saturday, she got two applications. One hand-written there and one online when the people went home. Thank you transporting team. Thank you Theresa Grimes for coordinating it week after week.

We are having another bake sale on September 17 & 18. If you can donate something- that would be wonderful!
Contact if you can help with baked goods and/or working the event.

Who's Answering The Phones?

Ever wonder what happens when someone calls our phone number?

Several volunteers answer the phones all day long, seven days a week. Those volunteers return calls to help those in the public with their questions or when asking for help. For some calls they can't answer the message is passed on to the volunteer that can answer the call.

Mail box 1 is for cat spay/neuter. Mail box 2 is for cat adoptions. Mail Box 3 is for other calls regarding cats. Mail box 4 is for Dog Spay/Neuter calls. Mail Box 5 is for dog adoptions. Mail Box 6 is for other calls regarding dogs. Mail Box 7 is for calls regarding membership, volunteer, fundraising, donations etc.

Our volunteers keep a notebook of all their calls to refer back to in case there is any question later of what was said to the call. Our volunteers also follow a manual and use the FAQ section of our website to answer general questions.

Thank you to Karen Latta, Barb Costilla, Shirley Moran, Diane Denis, Bernadette Michaux, Amy Craig, Bob Oates, Nancy Davis, Tonya Bradstock, Sarah Folger and Mary Bennett.

Our phone number is 419.826.FIXX.

Items For Sale On Craig's List

We have a few items for sale on Craig's List. Perhaps you are interested or know someone who is. Check them out! All the money goes right to PPI.

Mirror with 2 sconces $60

Leather La-Z-Boy Couch $60

195/30R15 Tires $60

Casio Keyboard $40

Credenza $60


Marshmellow is a 1 year old white female cat. She is deaf, but healthy otherwise. It has taken sometime for Marshmellow to adjust to her foster home. This beautiful girl would be much happier in a home as the only cat. Marshmellow can be seen any day at her foster's home, so please contact her foster at 419-464-2458 to meet her.

Silver Citizens

Silver citizens are dogs that don't get a lot of attention from people looking to adopt. In reality they are the ideal dog. They don't chew on furniture anymore. They are well past potty training problems. They are mellow and don't require much exercise. The seniors are comfortable in their own skin, know the ropes of family life and get along well with others. Through no fault of their own, they find themselves homeless. Please one of these oldies but goodies.
Buddy Beagle, Freckles, Bailey and Shehkina are looking for homes and still have lots of life and love left for you and your family.

If you aren't in the market for another dog, please consider making a donation toward their upkeep. For example, Buddy Beagle is on thyroid medication. The others are on special senior food.

Dog Wash Fundraiser

Join us this summer to get your dog washed at one of the Anderson's General Stores. We will also have our usual Adoption events at the same time.

  • *NEWLY ADDED* Friday, July 1 @ Anderson's in Toledo 4:30- 7pm
  • *NEWLY ADDED* Wednesday, July 6 @ Anderson's in Toledo 4:30- 7pm
  • Saturday, July 16 @ Anderson in Maumee (Come see the Air Dog Show while there) 11am - 3pm
  • Saturday, August 13 @ Anderson in Toledo 11am - 3pm
  • Saturday, September 3 @ Anderson in Maumee 11am - 3pm

Free Will donations for every dog we wash.

Toe nail trims: $5

Anal gland expressions: $10

Sorry no cats! It's too dangerous if they get loose.

No rain dates if raining at the time of dog wash.

Anderson in Toledo at 4701 Talmadge Rd. 43623

Anderson in Maumee at 530 Illinois Ave 43537

Volunteers By Proxy

Oftentimes a person signs up to volunteer with Planned Pethood. Soon we start to see their other family members lending a hand too. Thank you for rolling up your sleeves and helping the mission. Whether it's the spouse of a board member helping us at the 577 Foundation, a daughter of a foster who makes goodies for our bake sales, a son who tags along to help clean out litter boxes at Petsmart, or like one foster who now has his mother and sister fostering for PPI too; we love the family spirit.

When talking about what you do to help PPI, perhaps you are talking to a potential future volunteer. As you know, we always have opportunities- large and small- for almost everyone.


Sadly, Darby had to be put to sleep this month. It was discovered she had a tumor on three internal organs. Thank you Mona Guinuagh for her care while she was a dog within the Planned Pethood adoption program and who ended up adopting Darby. Thank you to all the people who have loved Darby and supported her throughout her time with us. Thank you to St. Francis Vet and SylvaniaVET for her care while recovering from her burns. Thank you Paws & Remember who cremated Darby and hand delivered her to Mona.

You can read Darby's entire story here. You can make a donation in her name here.

Host Your Next Event Here

We have a non-refundable deposit we have not been able to use at the Knights of Columbus on Secor Rd. This is $250 we could use to rescue unwanted cats and dogs. You can write a check to Planned Pethood for $250, which would be a tax deduction for you, then we move our deposit from our name into your name for your event.

Contact if you are interested.

Items We Always Need

  • Kitty Litter (always need it and there is never enough)
  • Dog Collars with sturdy metal buckles
  • Dog leashes
  • Crates of all sizes
  • Puppy training pads
  • Paper towels
  • Bleach
  • Gas Cards
  • Printer Ink
  • 1st class stamps

You can drop off these items at any adoption event.

Keith Urban Raffle

You and a guest can enjoy an evening out on the town and help the animals in your community. This package is valued at over $500.

Planned Pethood presents a raffle featuring Keith Urban at the Huntington Center.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Your evening includes:

  • Limo service for the evening
  • Dinner for two at Nagoya ($100 gift certificate)
  • A night stay at Hilton Garden Inn
  • Two tickets to see Keith Urban
    (Section 122, Row K, Seat 11 & 12)

Tickets can be purchased online or from volunteers.
Watch our Facebook page or come to one of these events
to purchase your chance to win.

$20 per ticket

Buy Now

Tickets may also be purchased from a volunteer at one of these events:

  • July 2 Anderson's Talmadge from 11-3

Drawing will be on Saturday, July 16 at 2pm at The Anderson's in Maumee.

Contest rules can be viewed on our website.
Thank you to Nagoya and Hilton Garden Inn for generously donating to Planned Pethood so we may save more lives.

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