Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Lucky Kitten

Lucky started life as so many kittens do- a stray in an abandoned house.

A neighbor fed him and his litter mates for about a year, then one day she saw that Lucky was limping, one front leg literally dangling from his body. She took him to a vet who suggested euthanasia. She'd just paid the euthanasia fee when a Planned Pethood volunteer,Lynn, happened to come in.

Lynn could tell the kitten was severely injured, yet being handed around and taken out of and put back into carriers repeatedly. She noticed that through all this, he never once growled or hissed or in any way acted out. She figured if he was that friendly through all of that, he was worth taking a chance on!

Planned Pethood took him in, and our vet found out Lucky had been shot. His front leg had to be set and splinted. He endured bandage changes and re-splinting every two weeks for a period of several months. He had to be confined to a dog crate to keep him from doing any of the normal kitty-activities that might have interfered with the leg's healing. But true to his sunny nature he bore it all without any fuss, never so much as swatting a paw at anybody. Eventually one leg bone did heal, but because the other did not, and Lucky's leg had to be amputated.

A family fell in love with Lucky, and he is now the proud owner of his very own family! His gentle nature and Planned Pethood's dedication gave him a chance for life.

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