Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Book Fair and Bake Sale
Save your books, magazines, sturdy boxes and paper bags for Planned Pethood's Book Fair at the 577 Foundation.

The book center will be operated by Planned Pethood from January 1, 2013 to March 31, 2013. Through our volunteer efforts, we will receive 50% of the monies donated & 50% is contributed to Read For Literacy which helps hundreds of people learn to read.     
We cannot accept: damaged/musty smelling books, Encyclopedias/Reference books, Text books, Readers Digest Novels & Magazines, National Geographic Magazines, Magazines over a year old, Books on tape, Albums & Movies Catalogs.

Hold onto your books until March 2013.  We will announce where and when you can drop off your books, etc as we get closer to the date. 

Can you  . . . Help During The Sale?
We need 7 people to work one day a week for the 13 weeks we are in charge of the Book Center.  For example, Person A will work only 13 days during this 3 month period, on every Monday.  Person B will work the 13 Tuesdays in that 3 month period.  So on and so forth.  The volunteers tidy up the area, reshelf books, sweep the floor and organize donations as they come in.  It takes about an hour.  You can do your one hour anytime you want during the 16 hour day.  Bring your family or enjoy the quiet, alone time. 

If you haven't heard of the 577 Foundation or explored their property, you really are missing out on a hidden jewel in our community.

Contact ed@plannedpethood.org if you can help.  That's E.D. as in Executive Director, not Edward.     
Family Photos

Looking for a family photo to share over the holidays?  

Select from one of our numerous settings like a fireplace, Christmas tree, front porch steps, piano, etc; for your Holiday greetings or to chronicle another year of family bliss. Bring the pets. You, the kids (two legged and four legged) and the rest of the family can be photographed in our of the elegant settings at the Mansion View Bed & Breakfast in Historic Old West End Toledo.

$8 for your first grouping. $5 for each new grouping thereafter. For instance: Mom, Dad the kids, Spot and Fluffy is grouping one for $8. Then one of just the kids for $5.   Then one with the kids, Spot and Fluffy for $5. So on and so forth.

Your photos will be placed on a Flicker account online for you to print off the photos you like and however many you want, from the comfort of your own home.

November 3 & 4, November 10 & 11, November 17 & 18 and  November 24.  
By Appointment only.  Make your appointment here:  http://signupgenius.com/go/photos
$20 Worth Of Coupons 
Make money for Planned Pethood + Save money for your family = what a deal!

We will be selling coupon books for $5 to Elder-Beerman.  These books have $20 worth of coupons for you to use.  Basically, Elder-Beerman is giving you $15.  100% of the $5 will go to Planned Pethood. 

Plus, if we are one of the top coupon book sellers, we will get a percentage of the total merchandise sold at the registers during a special weekend event.  We will announce the date of this event, once we know it. 

Coupon books are good during October and November, just in time for holiday gift purchases.  We will start selling the coupon books in the next few weeks.  If interested, please contact Sherry at 419.386.1372 or 419.345.8851.

Want to help us sell books at your work, school, church, neighbors, etc?  Call Sherry and she will get you what you need.  Big thank you to the Maumee Lady Elks for putting this together for Planned Pethood, Inc.  The dogs and cats thank you.
Volunteers Needed
How do we make this organization work?  Volunteers!  We need your help. 
  • Adoption events
  • Dog Washes
  • Rummage Sale
  • Transport animals
  • Transport paperwork
  • Play Dates
  • Bake Sale
  • Book Center
Bakers For Our Bake Sale Needed
*  Create baked goods to sell
*  Be on hand to sell items
*  Set up and take down our area

WHEN: Saturday, 9.22.12 during the Dog Days of September Event
*  We might set up shifts for set up and take down.
* Must be done no later than Thursday, September 20
* Contact ed@plannedpethood.org to make drop off arrangements. 
* 1407 Key Street, Maumee  
*  Yes, there are rules
*  We have a method to sell the most and make the most money, donors are asked to follow our guidelines.
*  We also have rules we have to follow per the Department of Health.
*  We will email the rules to those who sign up to help. 
*  It is very important when signing up that you identify what you will be donating.  This is the only way we can avoid duplication.   
Sign up here:  http://www.signupgenius.com/go/60B0F44AAA9292-dogdays
Changes In The PPI Board
We thank Carol Dunn for her years of service as our Board President.  She remains on the Board.  As her last term expired in June, she stepped down as President. 
Planned Pethood welcomes new board members: 
Paul Hubbard
Glacial Energy

Michelle Wasylecki
Financial Coach
United North

Theresa Grimes
Early Intervention Specialist
Lucas County Board of Developmental Disabilities
Your United Way Donation
-- can go to PPI 
Many businesses offer United Way donations through Payroll Deductions.  The United Way campaign has begun and will wrap up around the end of November.  When you get your form to make a donation to the United Way of Greater Toledo, you can have 100% of those funds got directly to Planned Pethood. 

In the section entitled "Payroll Deduction" under numbers 1 through 4,there is a line where you can write in Planned Pethood.  You can see an example of the form below.  In the past we use a code to denote PPI.  But now, all you have to do is write in our name. 

Reach us at:
PO Box 350908
Toledo, Ohio 43635

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