Monday, November 16, 2009

Why I love Planned Pethood

Taken from those that voted for PPI to win a $10,000 grant. Thank you for the kind words.

  • Jill Borkowski says,
Why do you love Planned Pethood Inc? Planned Pethood is so dedicated to finding permanent, loving homes for abandoned animals AND focusing on the bigger picture and spay/neuter. They have a great relationship with other animal welfare organizations in our community, including Humane Ohio's low-cost spay/neuter clinic, and understand the importance of everyone working together to make an impact on pet overpopulation. This summer, when Humane Ohio had grant money to lower their already low-cost spay/neuter rates even further, Planned Pethood went door-to-door in the targeted zip code to make sure pet parents knew about this, and to offer free transportation to and from Humane Ohio's low-cost spay/neuter clinic. As they were going door-to-door spreading the news, they rescued several stray and abandoned animals, some of who needed immediate medical attention. That's just one example of why I love Planned Pethood!

  • Kymm DeRose says,
I can't say enough good things about this organization. Not only do they do a lot of adoptions, but they are really making a BIG difference in the community. They will go door to door to find pets that need to be fixed! That is one dedicated Rescue group! You deserve to win PPI!!

  • Tamara Ernst says,
Their willingness to be at the forefront of rescue in our community

  • Heather Tessler says,
PPI is an all-around WIN for animals in our community! Their volunteers are a tremendous resource and are always willing to help. PPI has placed cats and a dog that I've rescued with loving homes. Thank you!

  • Anonymous says,
They care about the local dogs.

  • Cindy Belka says,
Because they are out there in the community and always willing to help! I just adopted my second best friend (dog) from them in the last year. They are always available for help and advice even long after the adoption process, and always have events open to the community as a whole and most of them are open to dogs as well as their human companions.

  • Anonymous says,
The best and most comprehensive rescue group in Northwest Ohio, that also fund spay/nueter services

  • Michael Brooks says,
Low-cost spay/neuter programs and pet adoption programs are the best in the area.

  • Linda Boyle says,
Being very proactive in spay/neuters and taking care of sick/injured animals.

  • Marion Risk says,
I like their plan of addressing the problem by offering adoption and low-cost spay/neuter

  • Nikki Morey says,
They focus on local dogs and cats rather than ship (broker) them in from out of town. We have animals that dies daily so where's the logic in that? They also are PROactive in the overpopulation problem by aggressively getting spay/neuter into our community. Planned Pethood ROCKS!

  • Catherine Buchanan says,
They truly believe in taking care of the animals and preventing more unwanted animals.

  • Nicole Eppstein says,
I got my puppy from there and she is the best!

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  1. Why am I UNHAPPY with Planned Pethood?
    I personally rescue many cats each year, and currently have almost 20 cats. I reached out to Planned Pethood to see if they could help me have these cats spayed/neutered at a reduced cost. I informed them that I had 3 cats that were dropped off preganant, so I would also need to bring in those kittens in a couple months to get spayed/neutered. Karen suggested I have the pregnant cats brought in ASAP in order to get the babies before they were born. SHAME ON YOU KAREN & Planned Pethood for hiring someone who is promoting the killing of unborn kittens. I rescue cats because I love animals, and do not believe in KILLING them. You should not have a pro-abortion staff member working at Planned Pethood. Isn't your organization about SAVING the lives of animals?!?!?! Shame on YOU KAREN!!