Thursday, October 29, 2009

I would love to help, but I can’t foster!!!

People often tell us that they would love to help us, but they aren’t able to foster. There are so many ways that you can help that don’t require fostering. Just like most businesses, companies, organizations, etc., it takes people with different talents, performing lots of different jobs, to be successful. And because Planned Pethood operates on a volunteer only basis, you decide how much time you can invest. All of the jobs listed below allow us to help our area’s homeless cats and dogs, and provide our community with low-cost spaying/neutering services. Many jobs can be performed from the comfort of your own home. If you are interested in helping with any of the jobs, or would like more information, stop by any event, or email us at

VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR - communicates with new volunteers about opportunities and manages a list of volunteers. From the comfort of your home.
DOG EVENT COORDINATOR - Schedule volunteers to drive the truck and set up adoption events on Saturdays. When available, Saturday adoption events.
EVENT VOLUNTEERS - Load and unload our truck; set up and take down the crates, tables, chairs, etc.; talk to potential adopters; keep an eye on the dogs, etc. When available, Saturday adoption events.
WEBSITE UPDATERS- Updates one page of our website as needed. Usually takes about 15 mintues a week. But sometimes, it's more involved.
FIXX LINE COORDINATOR - offers support to FIXX line volunteers and manages the instructional guide. From the comfort of your own home.
FIXX LINE - Check our voice mail lines and return calls and/or forward information to the appropriate individuals. Online access with e-mail is recommended. One day a week, several hours a day, or as a substitute.
From the comfort of your home.
RESPITE CARE - Because we try to save as many dogs as we can, our foster homes are always full. Our dog fosters need a break from time to time, even a few days a couple times a year makes a huge difference. Our foster homes are sometimes in need of temporary care for their foster dogs. If you can keep one, two, or more of our foster dogs in your home for a day, or two, or more, that would prevent us from having to pay to keep the dogs in boarding, which will allow us to save more of our area's homeless dogs, or offer more low-cost spaying/neutering services to the Community. Also a great way to try your hand at fostering to see if it is for you. At your convenience!
CAT CARE VOLUNTEERS - Care for the cats and kittens at our Petsmart adoption center at Spring Meadows. Make sure they have food, clean litter boxes, and a lot of love and attention! One day a week, 1-2 hours.
TRANSPORTATION - Transport dogs to and from events; help get the general public's cats and dogs to spay/neuter appointments; transport Planned Pethood dogs and cats to various veterinarian appointments, etc. As needed.
CRAFT SHOW COORDINATOR - Arrange for PPT to appear at various craft shows and community festivals. Organize other crafters to pool crafts and items to sell to the public. At your convenience.
CRAFTERS - Create dog- and cat-themed craft items for Planned Pethood booths at local festivals and craft fairs. At your convenience.
SPECIAL EVENTS VOLUNTEERS - Help with fundraisers, information tables, festival booths, etc. As needed. And many more!

Dog and cat beds
Collars and leashes
Crates, all sizes
Food, all kinds
Dog and cat treats
Clay kitty litter
Litter boxes
Puppy training pads
Bleach, paper towels and other cleaning supplies
Medicines like heartworm and flea preventative
Gas cards
Two pocket colored folders
Printer ink cartridges
Copy paper
Colored paper
Card stock
1st class and postcard postage stamps

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