Monday, August 10, 2009

Nice dogs need someone, maybe you?

When I first started going to the Fulton County dog pound to see if there were any dogs out there that needed rescued, I was told by a few people that all they had were "labs and hounds." As it's turned out over the past five years, that couldn't be farther from the truth! I have picked up nearly every breed you can think of: chihuahuas, pugs & puggles, Boston terriers, westies, doodles, yorkies, scotties, keeshonds, Goldens, boxers, German Shepherds, the list goes on and on. Some of the dogs that end up there are from local puppy mill type breeders, and are in terrible shape. Some are most likely driven out into the country and dumped off, hoping the proverbial "nice farmer" will take them in, which of course never happens. Others are simply local strays no one bothered to call for.

Still it's true, like at most pounds, the breeds I see the most of are labs and lab mixes, and dogs in the hound group. Of those, the nice purebred labs and beagles usually get a second chance. There's way too many of them but since they are such popular breeds, they do get adopted fairly easily.

It's not such a happy ending for the bigger hounds and lab mixes. There's just not room to save them all. At any given time, Planned Pethood has an assortment of lab mixes. Some of them came from pounds, some came in as strays. Many were adopted as cute puppies and then when their families have to give them up, there's one more nice lab mix who needs a new home.

Right now the two dogs pictured above need a miracle. The red hound has been there a few weeks, because she's such a sweet dog no one wants to put her down. While they are generally happy, good-natured dogs, hounds do not get adopted too easily. They're too big to have the same appeal as a basset or a beagle. They can make great family pets but they have their little quirks too. They follow their noses anywhere and oftentimes a good scent is more important to them than your commands! Still it's heartbreaking when a nice dog like this doesn't get another chance because she's not a popular breed and there simply isn't foster space available. At all of the northwest Ohio dog pounds, there is only so much space and when that runs out, there is only one way to open a kennel up for the next dog that comes in...

(One of the reason Planned Pethood is the only local rescue that only takes dogs and cats from our immediate area is because the need is still so great here. We love all dogs and wish we could save them all, but until we run out of dogs to save right here, our resources remain focused on the dogs in our own backyard.)

The big beautiful black lab mix is another dog who needs someone soon! He is just an exceptional dog. He was barking when I tried to get his picture but when I told him to SIT, he sat right down! He is on a court hold right now, a cruelty confiscation. Judging by how thin he is, odds are his owner didn't bother with basics like food and water. Still he is a loving, friendly dog. It's unclear when he might be released for adoption but one thing is clear, when that does happen, he will be a GREAT dog for some lucky family, if he gets another chance.

Fostering, especially big dogs like these, isn't for everyone. Still, all of us had to start somewhere and once we did, we found out just how fulfilling saving great dogs like these can be! If you've ever considered it and are just dragging your feet a bit over jumping in, now's as good a time as any! Even if you're not the "hound type" we can certainly find the right dog or puppy for you. And if you're interested in either of these dogs, please let us know ASAP! We'd sure like to see them living the good life as someone's beloved pet, but we can't do that without you!!

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  1. You wrote: "They follow their noses anywhere and oftentimes a good scent is more important to them than your commands!"

    The dog says "Good scents supercedes good sense"

    Pretty punny, huh?

    --Nikki Morey