Thursday, August 6, 2009

Welcome to our new blog

Well . . . here we are. Welcome. We hope you visit often.

Our desire is to have several writers for this blog. For instance, I might write about my fosters & how they are doing. Or I might announce some news about Planned Pethood. Other writers will probably be posting about their fosters, products we like and how we operate.

I have a huge day ahead of me so I better sign off for now. I have 6 dogs to feed and water and have to sweep the house. That's a lot of dog hair. Of course the reward are all the kisses I'll get from some of the dogs along the way.

--Nikki Morey
Executive Director


  1. Great idea, Nikki! I will probably play around with the site and add some content and widgets.

  2. Thanks for the expert touch Mike. Looks great!

  3. Yeah it is a great idea! Ahem. LOL