Monday, August 24, 2009

Ran into a dog with testicles

I stopped at PetSupplies+ to get a load of cat food and met a woman with a young boxer there with testicles! I, of course, said how handsome he was and hoped he was getting neutered. She assured me that he's had his shots and the vet suggested they wait until November to castrate him and that it was going to be $200. She went on to say she had heard of some other place that was more reasonable and was going to look into it. I whipped out a Humane Ohio card and let her know he was plenty big enuf to be fixed now! She also volunteered that they got him at Dave's Pet Shop (ggrrrrrr, boo) and paid $99 for him. They had gotten some verification that he had had some beginner shots there. As we talked, she said they had been to the MetroBark that day and what a fun time they had. Planned pethood was there too. Their niece and her dog were with the family and she apparently won the title of the dog and owner who look most alike! It was some little silky thing with an underbite and the niece stuck her chin out so she would "look like the dog"! The niece had the dog perform a hula for me! What a nice treat!

--Carol Dunn
President and Founder of Planned Pethood


  1. I need to start keeping Humane Ohio business cards in my purse too. Good thinking!

    --Nikki Morey

  2. Good job, Carol! It's funny how strange dogs look now with those! ;)